Augmented Reality Game Developers in India

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Augmented reality game development is basically making games which are AR based. Confused? For the handful of you who don’t know, AR is a technology which blurs the line between what is real and what is CG by enhancing what we can experience with our senses.

The fabulous ideas which are doing rounds in your brain can be put to best use and result through our action oriented solutions which help you to code the ideas into digital mazes and levels of amazing games like Pokémon go which is the rage these days.

Augmented Reality

The whole concept of AR has been around for quite a while now but haven’t attracted this much attention before this. What “Pokemon Go” has stated by its inception and overnight success is that AR based games can be viral if developed in a certain way. It’s the game’s relation to the real world that sets it apart where you have real world background but CG Pokemon characters to interact with in the front, juxtaposed on each other.

India, although has been quite late for the party but we are here nonetheless. There are many companies out there who are dabbling in augmented reality right now, namely Gamooz, Hash Media, Common Floor, Lens Kart, Look Mobility etc. What sets the Indian AR scene apart is a plethora of good talent at its disposal and a vast market of Indian mobile gamers.

Latest updates state that a “Pokemon Go” augmented reality app has also been created (by a third party app developer and not by Niantic Studios - creators of Pokemon Go) which gives “Poke alerts” on smartwatches such that you don’t have to pull out your phone all the time, which is also a sort of revolution in itself. As for future games, apps will definitely be released side by side with the game, a standard now set by “Pokemon Go” and third party developers.

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