February 2017

Inviting Innovation: The Link Between Custom Software Development and Business Growth

Whether you own an SME or a warehouse chain, a large company or an MNC, custom software development is a boon for business owners. Choosing the right company ensures you get the correct software for your business, instead of investing in software designed for narrow purposes. Accommodations, workarounds and change in practices can be avoided with custom made software designed exclusively to meet your business needs.

January 2017

December 2016

Revolutionary Mixed Reality HoloLens Apps: Value for a Growing Business

Conventional approaches to 3D modeling and rendering are now relegated to past technologies. With HoloLens apps, the three dimensional models are integrated into the holographic environment. Visual experience delivered by HoloLens apps can revolutionize the way customers interact with your company's products and services. HoloLens apps capture the essential elements of a solid visual experience. HoloLens tracks the user's head in space, processing the gigabyte of real time data for each and every moment. Standard HoloLens apps can highlight certain visual elements and create more information displayed next to it.

November 2016

Unity-Ways to Choose the Right Game Development Platform

Game development has grown owing to the advancement of engaging recreational games. While developing the game, the first think game developers need to come across is the game development platform. Choosing an incorrect platform can lead to wastage of effort, time and money. So, gaming experts have to ensure they make the right choice. There are a profusion of game development engines. The three prime ones are Unity, AndEngine and Corona SDK.

How Augmented Reality Differs From Other Mobile Technologies?

AR or Augmented reality is a mobile technology that has changed the face of smartphone apps and gaming. It is a leading mobile technology that turns the environment around a user into a digital interface through the positioning of virtual objects within the real world in real-time. AR checks out a variety of experiences and shapes user interaction through a plethora of AR tools. What makes AR a cut above the other mobile technologies?

Four Elements of a Perfectly Optimized Social Media Page

Social media pages are an effective platform for online exposure and essential traffic to the business website. As many people are joining popular social networks to express themselves, and users join social media networks to endorse products and services they prefer, your social media page needs to be perfectly optimized.

Why Digital Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Business?

Digital marketing provides the online level playing field, in this age of digital advancement. Enough resources are needed to mount an online marketing campaign but the results are more than outweighing the benefits. The best part is that you don't have to be a large corporate or a massive brand name to create a buzz. Digital marketing works well for small and medium sized businesses too. Attract your share of the targeted trafficking and gain a solid lead conversion rate along with maximum traffic.

October 2016

How Social Media Marketing Helps to Grow Your Business?

Social media can benefit business in diverse ways. Social media marketing generates massive data about customers in real time. There is a wealth of information about customers in terms of their preferences, their demographics and their conception about your brand. Daily active engagement and social listening ensures you get relevant insights and gather information across social networks in real time. Gauge customer sentiments and find conversations that are promote instant brand recall and recognition.

Improve Sales Productivity and Efficiency though Digital Marketing

Sales productivity and efficiency in digital marketing has emerged as a chief issue in leading business houses today. Effective performance is all about sales. Instead of pushing targets at sales reps, technology can become your best friend with digital marketing and CRM systems as well as sales productivity tools which enable successful implementation, roll out and adoption becoming integral to sales productivity efforts.

Why Your Business Needs Digital Marketing?

There are many reasons why your business urgently needs a digital marketing transition if you have not yet done it. In this blog, we will cover only a few that are actually important.

Affordable means of advertising - Unlike other traditional forms of advertising and promotional campaigns, digital marketing offers cheaper yet better outreach. You can connect with a lot of targeted audience on time, within your budget and leave a lasting brand value.

September 2016

How to develop a people-oriented marketing approach

People-oriented marketing approach necessarily means developing evenly balanced, strategically useful, and thoughtfully simple marketing plan taking core attention to consumers. Today is the age of disruption. Digital marketing is the core of everything. The better your digital marketing strategies are, better you can create a standalone branding on the virtual world. Since every customer today is a smart customer, there is nothing better than developing a people focused marketing approach. But how to develop such a marketing approach? We cover it.

Top Online Marketing Trends of 2016

We are almost on the ending edge of 2016 and the New Year is just a few months far. The entire year has so far been very eventful - we have seen new trends replacing the old ones and new developments taking shape. This blog covers some of the top digital marketing trends of 2016 worthy of a mention. While many marketers have taken their benefits to optimum level, in case you are yet to, we recommend you start it now and ask your digital marketing agency to integrate them in the proposal. Three months time starting today is still a big time to make a remarkable difference!

Global Augmented Reality in Gaming Market 2016-17

Augmented reality combines digital inputs into the physical world allowing users to scan physical environments and provide enhanced or augmented experience through the addition of virtual computer generated data. Users can try out this technology through mobile applications. The global augmented reality in gaming market is set to explode with the incoming and revolutionary products like Pokemon Go.

The Usefulness of Virtual Reality in Training

The use of virtual reality as a tool for training purpose is well-known fact, in a range of verticals; including medical science and military. Medical institutions for example have started using it as a means of teaching and training the next generation surgeons.

August 2016

HoloLens: Step Into The Future Today

A small step for technology, but a big leap for mankind? HoloLens is packed with graphical megabytes and (best of all) these virtual elements can be manipulated. System permits the manipulation of VR in ways that were not possible before.

AR/VR Startups That Shape What is Real: Virtual Reality Creates A New World

AR/VR industry has the attention of investors, entrepreneurs and companies. As venture capital dollars and equity funding deals grow in this field, AR/VR related businesses, products and services are changing the way people learn, work and play. From communication to socialization, transactions to exercise, AR/VR technology has impacted every field. Making a shift away from the screen, virtual and augmented reality provides a new way to do business and interact garnering tons of enterprise productivity.

VR Startups In The Real World: The Changing Face of Virtual Reality in India

Experiencing new realities thanks to VR applications has become a fact of the digital revolution. VR is trending in numerous sectors such as hardware, marketing, gaming and real estate. The VR market is booming with companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Samsung taking full advantage of the evolving digital and VR landscape.

From Geography to Medicare? A Fresh Perspective on CMS Medicare Geographic Variation Dashboard

How is geographic variation immersed in medicare to provide better user experience? Thanks to the CMS Medicare Geographic Variation Dashboard developed by the OEDA or Office of Enterprise Data and Analytics at CMS, users can now access state and country level variances in standard per capital costs for Medicare fee for service target population. What is the unique benefit of this innovative dashboard? Well, it standardizes spending to eliminate geographic variations in payment rates for individual services as a source of difference. But users should be clear standardized costs in the dashboard are not scaled to actual costs for the studied target population.

World In a VR Net: Virtual Reality Becoming Global Demand

Virtual reality is in demand across the globe. From VR boxing matches to the world's first virtual reality rollercoaster, the possibilities (and applications) are endless. Virtual reality has become the final frontier for branding, marketing and driving growth across sectors and industries.

Anatomy of an App: From Technical Notes to Launch

A good app can satisfy users, but an excellent one can work wonders. What makes an application great? From the technical notes to its launch, let's trace the anatomy of an app.

  • Technical Notes: This is the “why” and “how” behind the app in terms of its conceptualization
  • User Stories: This includes user profile, demographics, categories, interests and preferences.