HoloLens: Step Into The Future Today

A small step for technology, but a big leap for mankind? HoloLens is packed with graphical megabytes and (best of all) these virtual elements can be manipulated. System permits the manipulation of VR in ways that were not possible before.

Consider Star Wars to be the Stone Age. Welcome to the new age of animation which envisions a world advancing at the speed of light thanks to AR. From printing a QR code to making apps that work wonders, augmented reality has been shaping the world for quite some time now. What makes the HoloLens magical? It is the exploitation of the light field with position sensors which is so advanced that Xbox looks tame by comparison.

HoloLens: Technology Unveils a New Reality

The HoloLens is an interface of the future with a collaborative purpose and an active telepresence. Prototypes come out of thin air. The functional and gaming potential of this device is enormous what with an augmented Skype communication, an Avatar assisted Do-It-Yourself session and a Minecraft projected in the real world.

Avatars can act into the real word coordinates? It may sound like Sci-Fi, but the AR on display in has people interacting with discrete objects of limited size. But the HoloLens is anything but limited.

The HoloLens headset is autonomous and shows the area where you can see holograms like a small portal or a submarine periscope. Crunching extraordinary graphics into the headset, HoloLens is portable and powerful. Auto-mapping makes sure that instant projections bounded properly by space appear in seconds.

Portable AR: Mapping Boundaries That are Limitless

HoloLens uses image recognition technology and artificial intelligence to identify six planes and assign base nodes to them. Based on this, auto mapping is possible. The scope and potential of this AR tool is tremendous because of the ability to recognize and incorporate real world items in real time, without keying or chroma available. This type of transformative technology has the power to shape the future...and change the present.

Taking the First Step Into a New Future

With its vibrant developer community, technology could progress to more powerful HoloLens hardware and capable tools to create exciting new software, diverse resources, apps that immerse you in reality and an AR vision that transcends present realities.

HoloLens offers users a chance to build and manage their own reality...with little coding language. The potential for consumers and developers as well as businesses is huge. It may be far from real right now, but this AR tool will soon bring augmented reality to the real world in a scale never before envisioned!