Revolutionary Mixed Reality HoloLens Apps: Value for a Growing Business

Conventional approaches to 3D modeling and rendering are now relegated to past technologies. With HoloLens apps, the three dimensional models are integrated into the holographic environment. Visual experience delivered by HoloLens apps can revolutionize the way customers interact with your company's products and services. HoloLens apps capture the essential elements of a solid visual experience. HoloLens tracks the user's head in space, processing the gigabyte of real time data for each and every moment. Standard HoloLens apps can highlight certain visual elements and create more information displayed next to it.

Right Game Development Platform

Businesses On the Move, HoloLens Apps to Power Growth

HoloLens apps let users access mixed realities that are novel and interesting. This is perfect for showcasing products and services of the company. Inside the HoloLens, a circle which works as a 3D cursor indicates where the user is gazing. This may inherit the firm of a virtual or real object. Using Unity to develop apps, this feature allows HoloLens to be used in new ways. Billboarding technique permits users to be positioned with the hologram such that the latter hits his/her field of vision. This is perfect for integrating user interface elements such as texts and buttons. App developers can also use 3D cursors such as gaze indicators to catch the attention of the user and guide the necessary hologram or object.

Interfacing With the Holo-World

Through apps that use voice command to interact with the HoloLens device, this natural and intuitive way for navigating applications and the device UI makes for a difference. Reality altering technologies are further aided by rich gestural array of commands, that enable users to have an effective, hands-free experience. HoloLens can be maintained and controlled using discrete and continuous motions. Discrete gestures create immediate results, while HoloLens has a unique gesture array for. Continuous gestures incorporate rotation or scrolling. While developing apps for HoloLens, app develoeprs ensure that device responds to the gestures by icon highlights, opening of applications or performing other critical actions. Code can also be used to initimate the HoloLens user regarding the field of view of the gestures. These mixed reality smartglasses find application across a gamut of industries from education to construction, entertainment to retail. HoloLens apps are not limited to gaming, entertainment or software development only. HoloLens apps can be used for training in any industry. They can also be used as a visualization tool for customers to interact in new and exciting ways with company products and services. HoloLens also permits interaction with holographic content and real world objects. Medical holography also sees HoloLens apps find applications in the healthcare industry, especially with respect to operations and microsurgery.


HoloLens is a new reality that businesses should embrace to make a difference to their sales, GDP, ROI, profits and growth. Opt for professional HoloLens app development from a trusted company for solutions that grow your business, and your profits!