VR Startups In The Real World

VR Startups In The Real World: The Changing Face of Virtual Reality in India

Experiencing new realities thanks to VR applications has become a fact of the digital revolution. VR is trending in numerous sectors such as hardware, marketing, gaming and real estate. The VR market is booming with companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Samsung taking full advantage of the evolving digital and VR landscape.

Investments in VR touched as much as USD 1.1 billion in the first two months of 2016, according to tech data analysts Digi-Capital. While infrastructure and network strength are rapidly growing, VR startups are enriching the real world with hi-tech applications that are interesting and useful. Consider Teleport Call by GazeMatic, a Bangalore based startup. Communication in the VR environment has revolutionized the way people connect with each other. The company has created a mobile application for VR which has voice caller application where you can teleport while calling a friend.

Grey Kernel is a leading VR and advance visualization tech startup in India which hosts VR contents and also launched an international VR project in Indian shores. VR content solutions in real estate, media and publishing and the marketing agencies have seen a resurgence in India thanks to this innovative startup. RedRock DigiMark is an innovative company that also promotes quality AR and VR solutions for clients across a host of sectors in India and abroad.

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India's first VR content production studio for consumers and companies, Meraki creates 360 degree films for just about any genre. With major projects from Network 18, Star Sports and Channel V, the company is going from strength to strength.

One of the most funded startups in the VR space that offers a gamut of interactive, immersive VR solutions is SmartVixZ Pvt Ltd whose products offer features such as interactive walk through of the complete project and realistic simulations of real estate offerings in the field of property purchases. India's leading full stack VR Content Studio, SpectraVR provides excellent VR storytelling and has a strong team for creating live experience or virtual 3D animated settings for a powerful narrative experience. India is evolving rapidly in the field of VR.

A Goldman Sachs report pegged the AR/VR market at USD 182 billion in market size by 2025 in this emerging economy. As investors and innovators flock to these VR startups, Indians are becoming aware about a new reality that transcends experiences through interactive, virtual content.