Anatomy of an App: From Technical Notes to Launch

A good app can satisfy users, but an excellent one can work wonders. What makes an application great? From the technical notes to its launch, let's trace the anatomy of an app:

  • Technical Notes: This is the “why” and “how” behind the app in terms of its conceptualization
  • User Stories: This includes user profile, demographics, categories, interests and preferences.
  • Wireframe: This refers to the structure of the app and is responsible for its UX and UI.
  • UV : Or user experience forms the fundamental basis on which an app is judged.
  • UI: User interface- refers to the aesthetics of the application and how it appears to the user.
  • Prototypes: These are mockups that exceed the wireframe and add to technology.
  • Marketing: This refers to marketing avenues as well as trading and analytics for an application
  • Development: This incorporates both back end integration (which makes the frontend possible) and the application programming interface (third party interface to integrate the app- social apps necessarily require an API).
  • Beta Testing and Launch: This is the final countdown and marks the end of the road for app development. But the relationship between the developer and the app user is an evergreen one which is constantly evolving, much like the anatomy of an app

From building a wireframe to defining the essential features and picking a platform to power the app, the anatomy of an application is rich and intricate. How data is captured must be checked apart from assessing how information is integrated. Functions of the app even when it's offline are equally critical. Information needs to be integrated and news/feeds or alerts are part of a superlative application.

User experience is akin to the presentation by an artist or fashion designer- how the app looks and works for the end user is important. From client side processing to business logic mapping and users for the app, all aspects have to be considered. Apps that get it right will not only prove beneficial for users, they will also deliver ROI for organizations. All kinds of popular apps can be found in the market including Facebook, Google Maps, Instagram, YouTube and WhatsApp. A popular app almost everyone's heard of? Angry Birds wins hands down. A great app has the following features:

  • It is one in a million
  • It makes life easier and has a high social quotient
  • Excellent functionality and informativeness define an application the works
  • It should also have excellent entertainment value

What defines a winning app? From features to functionality, there should be no compromises. Make your app easy to use and it is sure to be a hit.