How Augmented Reality Differs From Other Mobile Technologies?

AR or Augmented reality is a mobile technology that has changed the face of smartphone apps and gaming. It is a leading mobile technology that turns the environment around a user into a digital interface through the positioning of virtual objects within the real world in real-time. AR checks out a variety of experiences and shapes user interaction through a plethora of AR tools. What makes AR a cut above the other mobile technologies?

Augmented Reality VS Other Mobile Technologies

#1 Life Size 3D Models in Environment

Augmented Reality 3D viewers permit users to place life-size 3D models in the environment in the presence or absence of trackers. These are simple images that 3 D models can be attached to within augmented reality.

#2 Enrich Displays With Contextual Information

Augmented Reality browsers permit camera displays with contextual information. Get astronomical details by pointing your smartphone at a star in the sky now, thanks to AR! Apart from letting you reach for the stars, augmented reality ensures that gaming and creating immersive experiences that use your present reality become part of mobile solutions.

#3 Acts As A Magic Window

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are the window to the world of new technologies thanks to AR. Augmented reality lets the viewer see the holograms and manipulate 3D models. With so many AR apps available on iPhone and Android, the user experience has been redefined by this mobile technology. Augmented reality works through head mounted displays, glasses and lenses too. It becomes part of the real world and uses virtual enrichment to revolutionize user experience.

#4 Fits Into a Variety of Business Needs

Unlike outdated or older mobile technologies, Augmented Reality fits into numerous business needs. If the efficiency of the sales team has to be improved, turnkey AR solutions are the key. For any and every services industry, AR is a revolutionary step forward. For the entertainment and recreation industry, augmented reality is a real game changer. From interactive print campaigns with AR features to digital retail, design and navigation, there is hardly any field that augmented reality does not have applications in.