Unity-Ways to Choose the Right Game Development Platform

Game development has grown owing to the advancement of engaging recreational games. While developing the game, the first think game developers need to come across is the game development platform. Choosing an incorrect platform can lead to wastage of effort, time and money. So, gaming experts have to ensure they make the right choice. There are a profusion of game development engines. The three prime ones are Unity, AndEngine and Corona SDK.

Choosing the right platform for game development is critical as it can make or break a game. And Engine is an open source platform for Android Game Development that is powerful and lightweight as well as 2D. But it is challenging for novices and not very easy to apply. Corona SDK is a cross platform engine that aids in publishing and developing. The USP of this game development engine is that a single code is needed for game deployment across multiple OS. No charges for use is yet another benefit. Known for its documentation and support, it is suited to creating business apps.

Why Unity Leads

Right Game Development Platform

#1 Check for 3D game development and ease of using plugins

This is a unique 3D game development platform. Unity has updated the engine for 2D capabilities and offers unparalleled features and support. It supports Oculus rift. Its wide device support and two common coding languages- C# and JS make it the ideal choice for game development experts. Its custom scripting language is Boo. Plugins can be customized as per development needs. This showcases a platform worth investing in.

#2 Ensure ease of use and game development that is easy and engaging

Developers have a preference for Unity because this game development platform is easier to use and simple to apply for developing games that have a powerful simplicity to them. Improved functionalities to users courtesy a strong developer community make it one of the leading choices for gamers worldwide.

#3 Check for user friendly interface and cross platform integration.

Unity game engine also offers an easy to grasp interface and cross platform integration. Games can therefore be ported across multiple devices and consoles can also be developed. 3D applications such as Max, Maya and Blender are supported by this game development platform. It has native 2 D capabilities as well, making it perfect for developing 2 dimensional games.

To redefine gaming, Unity is the single most effective game development engine that powers innovation.