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Top Online Marketing Trends of 2016 - From Machine Learning to App Marketing and More!

We are almost on the ending edge of 2016 and the New Year is just a few months far. The entire year has so far been very eventful - we have seen new trends replacing the old ones and new developments taking shape. This blog covers some of the top digital marketing trends of 2016 worthy of a mention. While many marketers have taken their benefits to optimum level, in case you are yet to, we recommend you start it now and ask your digital marketing agency to integrate them in the proposal. Three months time starting today is still a big time to make a remarkable difference!

Hand-held device marketing

Mobile and wearable marketing have become very popular, although the trend is not entirely new. We have read so many news about them and slowly they are making way to become a dominant force in the marketing world. Google, Facebook are restructuring their marketing efforts to specifically cater to the users who are mobile and wearable savvy and with the popularity of FitBit and smart watches, the entire game is given a new dimension of its own. Marketers, who want to target on-the-go audiences, add more localized appeal to their marketing campaign, and cover advertising opportunities on apps can benefit from the trend.

Machine learning

Machine learning is the face of tomorrow's marketing and it is already in practice today. Have you ever wondered how Facebook repeatedly shows you news feeds you like to read, why do you mostly see content from a particular friend than others? Have you ever noticed how a driver less car drives itself? It is all thanks to machine learning. Marketers this year are heavily using machine learning to develop personalized experiences for their targeted audience in anticipation to create more beneficial user engagement.

App marketing

With mobiles becoming cheaper and bigger, easily accessibility to the Internet, faster data network; it has become easier than before to target audiences for marketers on these devices. A lot of marketing efforts today are spent on apps. Leveraging on the trend, marketers can not only target audience using unique ways of marketing but they can also improve their targeting performance using state of the art tools.

Other trends in shape

Better ad options

Improved marketing spending habits

Enhanced analytics

These are some of the marketing trends of 2016. Should you want to stay updated about latest news and update about the industry, please read our articles.