World In a VR Net: Virtual Reality Becoming Global Demand

Virtual reality is in demand across the globe. From VR boxing matches to the world's first virtual reality rollercoaster, the possibilities (and applications) are endless. Virtual reality has become the final frontier for branding, marketing and driving growth across sectors and industries.

2016 marks another watershed moment for virtual reality in global demand as the VR market is set to be worth USD 1 billion. The buck does not stop there. Market watchers like Goldman Sachs predict a USD 80 billion market towards the close of 2025. From Google Cardboard (an entry level cardboard viewer using smartphones to enable virtual reality) to Facebook's wildly popular Oculus Rift, the VR net has widened to capture the entire globe. From the New York Times gifting subscribers Google Cardboard to UNICEF's 8 minute VR film “Clouds Over Sidra,” VR has expanded and is in international demand across corporate and not for profit sectors.

Virtual reality has captured the attention of global marketing gurus and is in demand for brand managers because the immersive nature of storytelling is simply amazing. From Samsung Gear VR to HTC Vive and Sony's Playstation VR, virtual reality has found widespread applications in the real world

VR applications will encompass the following fields:

  • Media
  • Social VR
  • Tourism
  • Sports
  • Recreation
  • Entertainment
  • Fitness

From full feature virtual reality applications to mobile ones, audio visual immersion will make the dreamworlds a reality. With experimentation, advancement in technology will result and this changes reality beyond your wildest dreams.

Virtual reality reflects the cutting edge technology that makes the impossible easy to attain. VR is a field of emerging technologies with a rich scope for expansion and immersive learning. New VR devices will enable people to walk in VR settings. First wave of virtual reality games will add to the fun. Gaming has been revolutionized with changes in the way we can see and understand our world. Virtual reality headsets such as Oculus Rift have spearheaded a revolution in technology.

Techies are bringing experimentation back into the mix and virtual reality has become so much more of a necessity rather than just a utility. Pioneers of virtual reality have changed the face of the future. With more people turning to virtual reality for applications from fitness to food, VR is changing not only the way people see their world, it's also transforming the way they live.