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Call centres over the years have become an integral part of customer support in many companies. But for many small to large sized business organisations providing competent customer support is an issue. As call center setup requires an additional capital investment for small to large sized companies. The setup costs involve complexities of management of the customer support team, their payrolls and the costs of setting up a call center infrastructure. For this we at RedRock Digimark are offering the cost effective call center management system with best industry standards.

With RedRock Digimark’s call center management solutions we ensure to provide accuracy in forecasting, real time support and flexibility in schedule. These call center solutions offered by RedRock Digimark are not only easy to use but it will even elevate the service levels. Our call center management software is an affordable and highly efficient solution for call center forecasting and employee scheduling. This solution includes ACD integration, real time support and intra day management features which boosts the daily call center management and even reduces the operational costs.

Our call center monitoring software is specifically designed to meet the requirements of small to large sized call centers. Some of the key points of RedRock Digimark’s call center management solutions are-

  • The call center solutions designed by RedRock Digimark can be setup within days which helps in avoiding complex implementation projects.

  • Our call center management solutions are affordably priced with the flexibility of monthly fees so that the companies can avoid large upfront investment.

  • Call center management solutions are easy to use with as it has a web interface.

Small to large sized companies can benefit all these advantages of high quality call center solutions from RedRock Digimark without upfront expenses. These solutions even eliminate the need of IT requirements of traditional software by collaborating with RedRock Digimark.