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Dashboard Development Services – Keys To Effective Business Intelligence

Advanced analytics and business intelligence technologies are rapidly proliferating in the corporate sectors. They indeed play a crucial role in the successful operation of businesses from different verticals. Notably, dashboard development and API development services are the two most common business intelligence tools in this context that almost every business adopts. These services are capable of expanding your business and achieving the intended strategic, operational and tactical objectives.

A dashboard is typically a private webpage (you reach here after logging in) which allows the user a graphical representation of any data (shows graphs etc.) and allows user to conduct actions (changes in the data etc.). Typically a dashboard represents a data-rich environment for user-simplicity and effectiveness. In simple words, dashboards are visual representation of all crucial information that you require to achieve your pre-defined set of objectives. The consolidated arrangement of information on a single dashboard allows you to monitor everything at a single glance. An effective dashboard development allows the users to get better insight of A HUGE amount of data using very simple graphs and illustrations. Typical elements of a dashboard are:

  • Maps
  • Colorful overlays over specific sections of a map
  • Points, shown typically with icons based on their information
  • Hover effects - typically popups containing specific information about the point etc.

Example of a business intelligence dashboard we built

This video shows elements from a sample Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard that we built: one can clearly see the map of the US, over which we have created colorful overlays of some regions. Various points highlighted from the data are visible - the geographical coordinates of the map come from the data source (database), so all data shown here is completely dynamic. The icon of each point is dependent upon the information in the database about that point. Further, hovering over a point would produce specific information about that point

Next, this video also shows a responsive window which encases the map. On the left are various pages, and on the top are various filter options for the data (filtering is applied on the data, so you can segregate the data further).

Finally, the video shows another page where we have a differently colored overlay (a seismic overlay in this case), which is a complicated overlay for the data. One can superimpose 'region' layers over this data, as well as many other overlays to arrive at various conclusions regarding a data point.

Advanced dashboard development requires creation of large completely data-driven pages, typically with slideshows, graphs, highlighting of data based on value, ability to manoeuvre graphs, ability to export data into pdfs, docs and excel files, and may also involve building complex calculators to conduct calculations based on the data of that page and complex formulas.

This video shows almost all the above elements in action - the user is enabled to make informed decisions based on all the information we can get from the database. Such a dashboard can easily turn opaque data into transparent decision-allowing graphs.

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Benefits of creating a BI Dashboard

Here are few of the benefits that an engaging performance dashboard offers:

  • Visibility: Ensures effective visibility as well as insight of business processes to the users.
  • Time efficient: Saves ample by providing updated results of every report.
  • Performance evaluation: Allows users to measure their performance capabilities with ease.
  • Unrestricted information: Ensures free flowing of information between the major players and users.
  • KPI determination: Helps the organizations to determine the metrics and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) that drive the goals.

We love to use the Metronic UI platform to create our dashboards. Take a look at the flexibility Metronic UI offers to create various kinds of dashboards - web apps, big data dashboards, software results, custom software dashboards etc.

Essential tips for creating a user-friendly dashboard

From our experience, we offer the following tips for creating the dashboard:

  • Provide a very clear idea of the intended uses and functionality of the dashboard. A dashboard is a critical business software - and is bound to evolve over time with the usage and its adaptation in clients' business. But the client must understand the technical limitations put by the evolution of a particular technology. So, the first discussion with the client should be focused on the limits of their requirement, so that the developers can choose the technology accordingly.
  • Prefer only relevant metrics for your business. You can identify appropriate metrics based on your business objectives, your individual contribution, availability of data etc., so that the most important statistics are easily viewable over the dashboard.
  • To ensure easy and instant to read dashboard, it is important to make it visual. A visual dashboard does not include overly cute widgets, uncommon graph types, and 3D graphic treatment. Rather, it comprises the usage of lines, colors, shapes, and other visual tools.
  • An interactive dashboard enables the users to perform basic tasks of analytics like view filtration, examination of data and drilling down.

API development services

API (Application Programming Interface) development services are an indispensable part of any web-based solution - be it a complete web application or just a software module. An API lays down the communication 'protocol' / standard for accessing any web-based application, so if you're looking to leverage the power of third party applications being developed to interact with your software without accessing its internals (and without comprising security), you need to create the acceptable 'modes' of giving and accpeting information - this is what an API is all about.

Benefits of API services

Some of the exciting benefits that the businesses can acquire with API development services may include:

  • Improves the entire business process due to standardisation of protocols
  • Allows third-party interactivity to enhance business applicability of your software
  • Enables the portability towards mobile, desktop and web platforms
  • Maintains accessibility of your business intelligence program to adapt to different requests - for example limiting information for certain users etc.

In short, dashboard and API development are important business intelligence tools, and hold the keys to unprecedented growth of a organization if utilized adequately.

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