Frequently Asked Questions

SEO is a kind of marketing, and no one can guarantee results on a marketing effort, since there are so many unknows involved - competition, how users percieve your brand, how google feels about your content value etc. We can not be certain of reaching page #1 ranking for certain keywords even if we had years. So just like any marketing effort, SEO is conducted in steps, and at each step you aim to achieve a higher value. This is why SEO is a continuous process, and wont stop even after you reach #1 rank for ALL your keywords - you'd then require SEO to maintain your rankings and make the conversions better and better.
Also, different people have different expectations from the value they recieve from a service. So our SEO packages are structured towards monthly payment AFTER you recieve your last month's report, so that you can gauge the performance on your own expectations and continue the next month ONLY if you're satisfied.
RedRock would NEVER guarantee results on an SEO service, regardless of the package, since we don't control rankings on any search engine. The only guarantee we would give is that of painstaking work and hours to be spent optimizing your website.

A prudent SEO strategy would be one in which long-term and short-term targets are both chosen and work is done proportionally, so that we can trace our performance on both measures equally. A shorter keyword, like 'book a cab', would have more traffic but also more traffic. Also, the traffic could be generic or irrelevant. On the other hand, traffic on a longer keyword, like 'book a cab from new york to chicago', could be infrequent, yet could convert well. Google's official data indicates that over 55% of search queries are of longer than 3 words, so optimizing long keywords first before targeting shorter keywords looks like a great plan. This way, you weave a kind of spider's web to catch your clients when they're searching for longer keywords, and in the longer term, keep building on these keyword results and strenghts to optimize your SEO strategy further.

Keyword Selection is a VERY important facet of the SEO process, and requires a lot of work, from both RedRock and the Client. Typically we focus on the technical aspects of the keywords, and rely on the client to let us know the 'business importance' of the keywords.

RedRock offers 3 SEO packages - WINNER ($149/mo), PROFESSIONAL ($349/mo) and PREMIUM ($699/mo). The answer to the question lies in understanding the difference between these packages. These packages include different amount of off-page submissions, but the primary difference between the packages is the amount of hours devoted by our SEO expert on your website - in understanding the current situation and needs of the website, then prescribing the unique tasks to be done, and in reviewing the analysis.

If you're new to RedRock, or if your website isn't established and you're beginning the SEO program the first time, we recommend you start with the PROFESSIONAL or the WINNER Program, to get the website up-to-speed on Google trends etc. The Utlimate SEO Program is typically recommended to those clients whose SEO profile is well established, and who have started to see ROI coming out of the program for atleast one year, and are well confident of RedRock's abilities and work methods, so they can allow significant leeway in our functionality.

Google doesn't authorize anybody to optimize any website. The website owner is the only concerned 'client' who decides whether to do SEO or not on the website. And our task is not concerned with Google only - Google is just one search engine we work for. Our task is to polish your website and make it shine in the eyes of any search engine.

We are a REAL company, and you can speak to us on phone, email us, video chat with us on skype and visit us when you're visiting India or we're visiting your place. The LinkedIn, Facebook, Skype or Twitter profiles of our team members are mentioned on the website at various places. Our company's incorporation and ISO certification documents are also put up on our 'About Us' page for your confirmation, and you can check the website of Ministry of Corporate Affairs of India to confirm the identity of RedRock Fund Advisors Private Limited, our parent company. The procedure to check these details has been mentioned in the About Us Page of our website. All invoices coming from the company will bear the same company name and registered address.

You can trust RedRock since it is an established company since 2011 and is conducting business with hundreds of global clients every month. We do not ask for a lumpsum amount of money from you typically, we ask for small monthly payments, and provide you the detailed report of the work done at the end of the month, before asking for the next month payment. Our preferred payment mode is PayPal (we are a 'verfied' PayPal vendor), which has excellent dispute resolution mechanisms, so let's say we did not fulfill our promise, you could easily raise a dispute with PayPal and they would hold our payment and put the dispute in an arbitration mode, and look closely at the details of what was promised versus what was delivered.

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