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Hololens Application Development: Now in India

RedRock introduces cutting-edge 'Mixed Reality' Application Development in India

We at RedRock DigiMark India are pleased to announce that we are now able to provide applications for Microsoft Hololens here in India. Microsoft Hololens is a revolutionary technology by Microsoft that blurs the boundaries between digital and real, and provides a ‘Mixed Reality’ experience. This technology is impactful and mature enough to change the way digital services are consumed by people in a couple. It would be the dawn of a new era - one in which technology is not limited to just being behind a screen, but in which it can be seen in the physical world.

HoloLens apps have a unique ability to blend the virtual world with the real world. We at RedRock DigiMark are at the forefront of this exciting technology. With RedRock's dedicated, innovative and creative app developers excelling at creating the perfect solutions for small, medium as well as large sized companies and businesses.

With HoloLens Apps from RedRock, customers don't have to play the waiting game. HoloLens apps provide a faster alternative, reinforcing business brands and increasing visibility. HoloLens apps are “virtual reality meets real” technologies which increase customer engagement. Improve processes and workflows through AR meets VR technology that creates apps to seamlessly connect and interact with clients, making it a valuable tool for modern businesses. HoloLens, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality apps from RedRock are not just great for boosting business, they also provide value for money.

Hololens India Hololens 3D Models

A Paradigm Shift in Mixed Realities: Living in a world where high end VR devices are transporting people around the globe, what makes HoloLens a class apart? Consider the rich interface and intuitive design of HoloLens 3D gaming apps developed at RedRock DigiMark. HoloLens is the latest innovation in the world of computing and brings with it a paradigm shift for the gaming industry in the context of a screen that mixes what is seen in the real world with digital images.

Using sensors and cameras to sense where walls and objects are placed, HoloLens equips people to explore a new reality. HoloLens is a key product for the gaming industry as evidenced by Minecraft and other popular HoloLens gaming solutions. What makes RedRock HoloLens 3D gaming apps the game changers?

  1. Developers can built interactive apps.
  2. Technologies can page the way for new AR solutions
  3. Gaming can be redefined for clearer, sharper visuals
  4. New era in gaming can be ushered in

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