With the access to world of information with a few clicks on the smartphones corporates want to enhance their relations with investors. As most often media fails to pay attention to investors relations information like the PR industry. This is where investor relations apps designed by RedRock Digimark become extremely important to empower the analysts and investors of publicly traded companies. This app provides the access to investor related information of the publicly traded companies so that the investors can actively engage in the company successfully.

To stay ahead in the game and optimize the recognition any publicly traded company can implement this investors relations mobile app. With our expertise we make sure this app is available on some major app markets such as Apple app store and Google app store within weeks. As we at RedRock Digimark are well aware that android devices, iPads and iPhones are the quickest media channel for publicly traded companies to reach their investors.

The RedRock DigiMark designed investor relations apps for iPad, Android and iPhone is available in standard module and custom module.

Standard module features-

  • Live streaming of earning calls

  • Downloadable content

  • Google Analytics

  • In-app notification center and push notification

  • Real time mobile access to critical investor related information

  • No implementation involvement for the company

  • Content sharing features

  • Easy update tools

Custom Investor relations app module-

In RedRock Digimark’s custom module has the ability to create and contain documents and files in multiple formats including video and audio files as well. This custom module is suitable for annual reports, webinars, company’s commercials, fact sheets and investor presentations.

At RedRock Digimark our clients can be assured of seamless technology in investor relations apps development with flexible subscription packages to suit the company’s budget and other requirements.