RedRock DigiMark is a leading SEO Company based in India which caters to domestic and international clientele, and specialises in Return-On-Investment digital marketing SEO. RedRock’s SEO services are now available in Belgium!

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RedRock's Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services are now available in the Belgium - Antwerp and Ghent. We do not have an office in Belgium yet - and we provide our service from our Indian office!

Online Marketing in Belgium

Mobile SEO is an important marketing technique for Belgium-based businesses since most of the internet consumption in Belgium is through mobile devices. Belgium has 15 million smartphone users, out of which almost 35% use Apple iPhones. Facebook is the most visited website in Belgium: average Belgian users spend approximately 16 minutes for each visit (which is more than the global average of 14 minutes). Any online marketing campaign in Belgium must focus on these facts, and put a heavy emphasis on social media and mobile SEO.

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seo services in belgium

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