What is Redrock's Social Media Methodology and how does it matter?

RedRock DigiMark understands the social media needs of both Small and Medium Enterprises (SME's) as well as large organizations, so we have created packages to suit every kind of need out there. Our Social Media Methodology reflects exactly the things required to fulfill those needs.

For Small and Medium Enterprises, or even large clients in B2B businesses or manufacturing sector, the social media is not a lead generating (marketing) or a primary branding mechanism (branding), nor are they required to keep a continuous eye on client comments (reputation). Such clients require a basic service which requires continuous 'touch' on social media - 10 or so postings a month on a primary social media (mostly Facebook), with other media (twitter etc.) reflecting it. Such clients might be more inclined to focus on LinkedIn, rather than Facebook. We offer our WINNER SMO package to focus on such clients, so that they can stay updated at various social media out there, and have a 'active presence' on all the channels.

RedRock's social media methodology

The above infographic reflects the kind of needs a large enterprise would have - focus on lead generation marketing activities, brand-building activities and reputation management via continuous social engagement. This requires a dedicated team monitoring the various channels, and our PROFESSIONAL and PREMIUM SMO Packages are suited just for those clients.

For large ecommerce clients or clients in the music or videos industry, we also offer our ULTIMATE SMO Package, which focueses on youtube and building an active fan following via all channels.

How do I get started?

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