With the advent of technology and amazing range of software solutions the health care industry has been extensively benefitted. There are many ways that the use of technology has not just helped the health care facilities but is also beneficial for the patients too.

One such innovation in technology for the healthcare industry is the telemedicine software. This software is primarily used for the general health care needs like informing people about a specific disease outbreak or connecting patients with the doctors from any part of the globe that they may be in.

We at RedRock DigiMark have been excelling in providing various software solutions to different business sectors. With the introduction of the telehealth software solutions provided by us we are taking software solution deliverance a notch higher.

Benefits of Telemedicine Softwares:

  • There are many advantages of opting for these healthcare softwares as it improves the communication between the doctors and the patients. It also helps the patients to get an immediate diagnosis about a certain ailment or a sudden injury. They can even benefit by getting a prescription from the doctors regarding the same.

  • This is where the need to hire an experienced firm as RedRock DigiMark can serve to be advantageous for the healthcare industries. Our team of skilled professionals have the knowledge and the expertise in designing the best telehealth software solutions for the healthcare industries in and across India.

Basic Features of Telemedicine Software:

  • High Security: As the software is mainly used to share information about the patients it is 100% secure.

  • Best & Simple Design Interface: As the software needs to be used both by the patients and the doctors the design is modern and yet simplified for easy usage needs.

  • Updated Patient Records: The software enables the doctors or the healthcare facilities to maintain updated records of their patients including important visit notes.

  • ePrescribe: This feature enables the healthcare facilities to place medicine orders electronically without really having to submit prescriptions and then wait for the order confirmation.

    With features and advantages like the ones mentioned above RedRock DigiMark holds great pride in being a part of this helpful and highly innovative health revolution.